Campus Oaks Project Update

Here is a visual update of things to come with the Campus Oaks Project. A special thank you to Sue Hallahan – Cook, RCONA Executive Secretary/Treasurer for providing the minutes of the meeting.

Campus Oaks—Presentation of Development Updates
Date: 8/28/2018 Presentation at La Provence
Stephen DesJardins, the developer of the Campus Oaks Project, gave updates on the progress of the development and upcoming amendments to the original Diamond Creek Plan to an audience of over 60 attendees. The presentation was also live-streamed through the Blue Oaks Facebook connection.

Development has been moving right along—rough grading is almost complete; all entitlements and wildlife completed. You should see ‘vertical’ signs of facilities going up late spring or early summer—Nugget will start building. A section of the apartment complex is already open. Eventually, there will be Fire Station #8 directly across the street from the Safeway complex (off Painted Desert).
The rezone of the Diamond Creek plan was mentioned—condos were changed to low-density housing (Maison/Chateau, etc.); all with the most current building features. The 1997 plan included a pool and health club; the health club will now be in the Campus Oaks area.

Here’s some of the updates mentioned:
Commercial section: A number of potential businesses have been identified: Nugget Market (signs already up); a potential hardware store next to Nugget, 24-Hour Fitness Center, a day-care facility, fast food eateries like Del Taco, Panda Express, Mod Pizza, Café Rio), Starbucks (will it be moving out of Safeway?), a dry-cleaners, Vision Dental, Ben’s Barketplace (pet supplies), and a gas station.
Apartments: As the City of Roseville requires, a 20% portion of every development must include affordable (low income) housing. The apartments in Campus Oaks do meet requirements with mixed housing—including a special section with units $500-$600 per month, 1-bedroom units starting at $1700 per month, and more expensive units.

General Features: Fire Station #8 update given by Loren Cook—the City has the money to build the station, but not to staff it yet. Bike trails will eventually connect through with city-wide trails. The extension through of Roseville Parkway will depend on City funding, will be an overpass over the train tracks. There will be a 100-bed convalescent home. To a question about the lighting along Diamond Creek entry, Mr. DesJardin indicated they may look into extending lights along Blue Oaks Blvd., but there have been problems with maintenance.

Submitted 9/1/2018 by Sue Hallahan-Cook, RCONA Exec. Secretary/Treasurer

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